Tuesday, 18 March 2014

High expectations for the training week

The training participants have opened their blogs and made their first postings, introducing themselves and listing some of their expectations.

Zulfa Musa, reporter from Tanzania’s biggest newspaper Mwananchi, says that one cannot talk about the media today without referring to the internet. So through this training she expects to get more knowledge on how the web is functioning and how to use it.

Elisha Mayallah, senior journalist at the local weekly newspaper Arusha Times, expects that at the end of the training he will be able to “thoroughly use internet resources to write credible investigative stories that capture the interest of readers”.

Grace Ruhinda, radio presenter and subeditor at the local radio station Triple ‘A’ FM, says that she wants to learn more about how to identify valuable information as well as sources in the internet that will be of great aid in her daily journalistic activities.

Rotlinde Achimpota from Mambo Jambo FM and Baraka Ole Maika from the Maasai community radio station Orkonerei Radio Service (ORS FM) say that after the training they expect to share their new knowledge with their colleagues at their radio stations.

In the class, there are also three journalism trainers from local journalism schools in Arusha. Habibu Mawenya from the Arusha East African Training Institute says that he will share his new knowledge with his staff members and students of broadcasting journalism. Nehemiah Rubondo, head of media department at the Pentecostal journalism school Habari Maalum College, expects that the training will help his school and “at the end we will have the best investigative journalists in Tanzania for the individual and societal transformation”.

Marko Gideon, communication officer at the World Wide Fund for Nature and also trans-editor of the news agency Inter Press Service, expects to make use of the training content for updating the Swahili-language training material for local internet trainings within this same training programme. This year, Swahili trainings are planned to be arranged in Moshi, Musoma and Sumbawanga – and in the coming years in at least six more new locations.

For all other introductions, you can go directly to the blogs of the participants. Links to all training blogs have now been updated in the column on the right.

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